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“It can be remarkably difficult to meditate on joy, especially when that joy is laces with serious ugliness an trauma; Amy Fusselman’s 8 calmly and incisively takes on this important task. With admirable economy, 8 offers an expansive philosophy of the everyday which is both impatient with convention and rich with good heart.” -Maggie Nelson, author of The Argonauts

“A sweet, funny and scary book written by Holden Caulfield’s older sister. 8 is a 10!” -Danny Gregory, author of Everyday Matters

“With both humor and horror Fusselman fixes an unsentimental eye on those mysteries that most often elude explanation.” -Samantha Hunt, author of The Seas

The Pharmacist’s Mate and 8 were re-released in a single volume from McSweeney’s in 2013. An Italian edition of both books, translated by Leonardo Taiuti, was published by Edizioni Black Coffee in 2017. 8 was recently featured on the Los Angeles Review of Books radio hour.