Selected Writings

Some featured writing

“How to Talk To Your Dog About Social Distancing”, The Washington Post
“On the Parental Gaze” The Believer
“On Marie Kondo and Children and Play”, Ohio Edit
“Funny First”, The Believer
A Review of “The Nutcracker and The Four Realms” The Believer
“Having Braces as an Adult Is Like Finding the Fountain of Youth”, The Washington Post
“Feet to Brain”, The New York Times
A Review of Alexandra Lange’s The Design of Childhood, Metropolis
“Family Practice”, a parenting column on McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

Selected earlier projects:

Ohio Edit [Editor, Publisher] a publishing project, 2013-2019
Surgery of Modern Warfare [Editor, Contributor] a literary web site, 2001-2004
Bunnyrabbit, [Writer, Editor, Illustrator] a ‘zine, distributed internationally by Tower Books/Records, 1990s, 8 issues